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re: 86 4KcsQ Odometer problem

>Speedometer working, odometer stopped. I have had it out but can seen
>visible defect. I wonder if anyone has had any experience with these
>odometers? I would appreciate some advise before getting further into it.
>Ed McCabe
>86 4KCSQ 79000
>86 5KCSQ 219000
>94 Cutlass Convert 3.4
>70 Sportster

 The problem I had with mine was the shaft that goes through the gear.
The shaft would slide left/right and the gear would not mesh to make the
odometer work.  I pushed the shaft back to where the gears meshed again
and epoxied it in place.  No problems since.

Dan Cooke
'90 90Q20V
'86 4KCSQ