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re: 86 4KcsQ Odometer problem

Ed McCabe wrote:

> Speedometer working, odometer stopped. I have had it out but can seen visible defect. I wonder if anyone has > had any experience with these odometers? I would appreciate some advise before getting further into it.

On my "old" '85 C-GT, the little gear that rides the shaft through the
middle of the number "barrels", had slipped away from the screw drive
and wasn't spinning.  When I slipped it back in place, it worked, but it
eventually slipped back off.  I always thought some Loctite would help
it stay.  Sold the car before trying it.  My 4ksq has the same symptom,
so if I try it out before you, I'll post the results.  It'll be a while,
though, as the car just sits in my driveway waiting for the serious work
to begin.


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