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re: 86 4KcsQ Odometer problem

At 11:18 AM 7/10/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Ed McCabe wrote:
>> Speedometer working, odometer stopped. I have had it out but can seen
visible defect. I wonder if anyone has > had any experience with these
odometers? I would appreciate some advise before getting further into it.
>On my "old" '85 C-GT, the little gear that rides the shaft through the
>middle of the number "barrels", had slipped away from the screw drive
>and wasn't spinning.  When I slipped it back in place, it worked, but it
>eventually slipped back off.  I always thought some Loctite would help
>it stay.  Sold the car before trying it.  My 4ksq has the same symptom,
>so if I try it out before you, I'll post the results.  It'll be a while,
>though, as the car just sits in my driveway waiting for the serious work
>to begin.

This is exactly what I found with the odo on my '86.  The gear was
stripped, not cracked, in my case, and loctite indeed did the trick.  I did
the repair on June 1st, just before leaving for a trip to Canada, and the
odo has worked flawlessly since.  Just be sure never to reset the Trip
Odometer while the car is in motion in the future, as that seems to be the
primary cause of it stripping.

'86 5000 S Quattro