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'91 100 power

Have had a 1991 100 (nonT, nonQ) for over a year and have never been happy
with partial throttle power output. Full throttle runs fine. Kickdown runs
fine. With AC running, 2-3 inches of acc.pedal up or down makes no noticeable
difference. Could it be air flow sensor or ?.
My '85 (nonT, nonQ) Coupe I5 runs with _much_ more power thru the entire
range. The Coupe is now starting to make some nasty noise from the AC
condenser. At first impression it sounds as if the compressor is grenading,
but on investigation, the noise is coming from the condenser. What in the
world could cause this? It still puts out very cold air in the cabin. Noise
is not constant, but intermittant.
I am recieving some posts 2-3 times (repeats). Any help would be greatly

91 100
85 CGT
96 Vette LT4