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Re:Tire advice needed...

>I see that Nitto makes a 225/40-17, which works out pretty well
>size-wise.  Does anyone have any experience with the Nitto NT501 EXIT GT
>(what a name ... they have to be good, right?) or Nitto tires in >general?

This is probably a little late but ...I just recently put a set of Nitto
NT 450's (205/50-15) on my 87 4kcsq and I really like them.  They handle
real good cornering but are kind of noisy in the rain.  I was thinking
about Dunlop SP 8000's but wallet restrictions made me opt for the
Nittos.  Overall, I'd say I'm very pleased with them.

Sean U

'87 4kcsq (TSW Evo's, Bosch H4 conv., and ...)