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RE: V8 & A8

>      Things to watch out for: If there are V8 owners on this list whose V8
>      doesn't smoke because of mysterious oil leaks onto the hot exhaust
>      components, then they haven't spoken up about it

My V8 only smoked for two reasons(long since repaired):  
1.  Failed O-rings on the back of the head allowed coolant to leak.
2.  Leaking steering rack.

No smoking for over 30k

>      One lister was going to
>      fabricate an oil collection pan/diverter, but I don't remember a
>      followup on how well it worked.  (The A8 wasn't smoking yet.)

I was (still am)going to fashion a collector/diverter.  been busy with my new 
car so the V8 has been parked.  I wonder if eliot is the exception or if I 
am...I seem to remember a few others of us talking about a similar leak, but 
it could just be that we mentioned it because it was a problem.  Don't get me 
wrong, I still think the V8 is one of the best cars I've ever owned...it does 
so many things so well.  My biggest gripe has been lack of knowledge about the 
car at any shop, dealer or not, that I've brought it to...I think it's this 
ignorance that has cost me so much $ in what were probably needless repairs.

Mark Hogan
Bethesda, MD
90 V8
94 Safari awd
89 BMW k1
85 911 turbo look targa