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Re: V8 & A8

jackr@internet.kronos.com wrote:
>      As for V8 vs. 200, it's been too long since I drove a 200q to compare.
>      Certainly the V8's sluggish performance from a standstill does not
>      make it seem like a sporting car.  The economy/sport modes of the
>      automatic are stupid.  If it's going to have an automatic, then a car
>      should determine whether it should downshift by how far down you push
>      the gas (how fast it thinks you're trying to speed up).  Economy mode
>      upshifts too early; sport mode will *never* use high gear at a speed
>      I've seen. 

It shifts up at 120mph....I think ;^)

>      and competent.  Stable? Fast as heck? Sounds sporty to me!  OTOH, it's
>      neither light nor tossable, which is why I kept my 4kq after aquiring
>      the V8.

V8's are great highway gobblers.  Give them a long stretch of interstate
and let em rip!  Not at all the car that I would expect to burn up the
>      Things to watch out for: If there are V8 owners on this list whose V8
>      doesn't smoke because of mysterious oil leaks onto the hot exhaust
>      components, then they haven't spoken up about it

My V8 only smoked for two reasons(long since repaired):  
1.  Failed O-rings on the back of the head allowed coolant to leak.
2.  Leaking steering rack.

No smoking for over 30k

>      One lister was going to
>      fabricate an oil collection pan/diverter, but I don't remember a
>      followup on how well it worked.  (The A8 wasn't smoking yet.)


Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri