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V8 & A8

     I got an offer for a free Audi desk clock for test driving the A8, and 
     finally took them up on the offer today.  The dealer offered to sign 
     my clock card without my "having" to test drive an A8, but I told them 
     that wouldn't be fair. :)
     I was afraid I'd come away depressed, but for an extra 57 large bills 
     over my V8's value, I'll pass (though it would be nice to have that 
     much money to throw away.)  The A8 is much more nimble and lighter 
     feeling (though it's heavier).  Traffic was too heavy to let 'er rip, 
     but it certainly seemed very quick.  I was hoping it would leap off 
     the line (unlike the V8), but alas, that would be unseemly in a luxury 
     car.  No snapped necks in this vehicle.  It is only somewhat faster 
     from a stop than the V8.  New cars with zero miles on the suspension 
     sure feel solid and nice!  So do those with more HP.  It's one heck of 
     a nice car.
     As for V8 vs. 200, it's been too long since I drove a 200q to compare. 
     Certainly the V8's sluggish performance from a standstill does not 
     make it seem like a sporting car.  The economy/sport modes of the 
     automatic are stupid.  If it's going to have an automatic, then a car 
     should determine whether it should downshift by how far down you push 
     the gas (how fast it thinks you're trying to speed up).  Economy mode 
     upshifts too early; sport mode will *never* use high gear at a speed 
     I've seen. Once the revs are up, it flys and is fast and very stable 
     and competent.  Stable? Fast as heck? Sounds sporty to me!  OTOH, it's 
     neither light nor tossable, which is why I kept my 4kq after aquiring 
     the V8.
     Things to watch out for: If there are V8 owners on this list whose V8 
     doesn't smoke because of mysterious oil leaks onto the hot exhaust 
     components, then they haven't spoken up about it.  ("Question for the 
     list, why isn't my Audi broken...?")  One lister was going to 
     fabricate an oil collection pan/diverter, but I don't remember a 
     followup on how well it worked.  (The A8 wasn't smoking yet.)
     Jack Rich
     90 V8Q (will trade for A8 when they're priced what I paid)
     88 Corvette convertible (now there's a sporty auto trans!)
     84 4kq