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Re: more on v8 vs. 200

Add effortless city driving & the fact that yor wife will love it, and I
think its all said & done.
     Yup.  My wife loves the V8.  My son too.  A 200 only has tushiewarmers 
     (heated seats) in the front, whereas the V8 has them in the back as 
     well.  My son would be pretty miffed if I traded it for a 200, since 
     he sits back there a lot.
     Encounter two blocks from my home yesterday... Exceptionally 
     sharp-looking oncoming Audi.  Beautiful maroon color. (Just like 
     mine!)  Elegant shape.  (Why, it's a V8!  Not many of those around 
     here.)  Hey, that's my car!  (Duh.)  Wave to my wife.
     Jack Rich