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RE: more on v8 vs. 200

> i think that making the choice between a 200Q20V and a v8 is
>relatively straight forward.  do you want an all out performance
>sports sedan (with potential for a zillion aftermarket bhps) and
>are willing to put up with more noise or do you want a terrific
>long distance high speed cruiser?  mind you, once the v8 has
>some speed it can overtake cars very well as 2nd gear is good
>for 85 mph and once you get the engine above 4K it starts
>flying.  that's the key... staying above 4K. 

Not too many 200 owners on this disucussion. The 200 is a very quiet, all out
nice sports sedan. If you don't know how to drive a stick, it doesn't go fast.
If you do, the car is very sweet indeed.... I don't have a chip for mine just
yet, but I wouldn't mind 270 HP. One thing that is great in my car is launching
it just right in first then shifting to second and seeing the tach out of the
corner of your eye inching above 7K RPM. I've never been in a car with a
smoother engine. The thing loves to rev! When I let my friends drive it, the're
either in 3rd or 4th on the highway because they don't realize how many revs the
engine is turning. Must be in the cam.....

>i don't know what a 200Q20V costs these days, but if you can
>find a well maintained v8 you are getting a car that audi threw
>a lot of money into. a lot more than they did on the 200.  they
>lost a lot of money selling the v8.  it is the owners' gain and
>their loss. my opinion is that the 200 outperforms the v8 in one
>or two key areas (which may very well be all that one cares
>about), but the v8 is a far more complete car than the 200.

As far as I can tell, you can get a 90 V8 for less than a 91 200q. Both cars
exceptional values. I don't know of another luxury sports car thats faster,
better looking, better equipped, etc for the money. My 91 can take on almost any
sports sedan out there. And it's a 91, before sport sedans were popular.

I think the 91 200 looks great. It is the only 200 to have the flared fenders.
The flares are not the same as the V8, but once you look at them a while, the're
just as appealing. Combined with the stock BBS wheels, they look great! I do
like the V8 tail lights, but you just can't mistake the yellow/red combination
of the 200. It has the euro side markers, that give it a great look, and the
interior is almost exact to a 90 V8 with exception of the analog clock versus
oil gauge?

I too could not figure out which car to choose when I bought mine, I'm glad I
waited and got the 20v. The car is wicked fast on the highway, handles great, is
super comfortable, gets about 26 MPG on the highway, I travel 1000 a week in it
all the time....have I said enough? It's really fun in 3rd gear once you get the
turbo going which is about 75 MPH, then it's really fast to about 90 when you
have to shift. Top speed? it's fast, I've seen indicated 137 MPH, it still had
more. It's cool to see the tach at 5200 RPM in 5th gear.

Maybe I need a 91 V8 with a 5 speed.....


Paul Waterloo
Riverside, IL

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com