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Parking brake up and locked, No Longer

My original post told the tale of whoah! (literally) of the parking brake on my 1990 200 qtw being pulled up to far (about 70 degrees from horizontal) and "locking," that is, not being able to drop it back to the rest position. This caused brakes to drag.

Keleigh Hardie--may the Audi Gods smile on you--suggested the "best way" to fix this. It involves taking out the center console, disengaging the rear seat cigarette lighter wiring, removing four screws (Bentley only shows three), removing the pivot pin, and reassembling the whole shebang. Rather than waste bandwidth, I offer the following:

We use the Visioneer Paperport Vx and Visioneer Strobe scanners here at the office. We can send anyone an image of what we scan in as an attached file (certainly not to the list--just private inquiries.) I have made notations on the Bentley page as to "shortcuts" and hidden fastenings. If you want this page, you must first download (2.4 megs) a file from Visioneer's web site. Go to


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and download either the Mac or Windows (95 only) version of Visioneer 5.0 "read only" software. Then email me and I'll send you the page as an attached file.

Does anyone think that this goes beyond "fair use" of copywrited materials? It's one page, heavily annotated. If anything, it's a great "sales job" for the Bentley, as in, "See what you're missing?"

Thanks again to all who responded, and particularily Keleigh. Makes being "connected" all worth while.



1990 200 qtw--now goin' somewhere without draggin' the brakes.
1990 200 qts--smiling with the return of her stable mate to good health

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