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Questions, questions, questions

I'm a newcomer to the Quattro list, though not to Audi Quattros......

I had a few questions about upgrades to our 87 5kTQ.

I have already installed the TAP ECU mod and have just installed a larger oil
cooler. Next up will be a more open exhaust. I have a Stromung on my Miata
and like it as its not much louder than stock. A couple of people have
suggested the Scorpion as a good alternative.....any opinion?

As far as a spring/shock/bar package I'd like to lower the car about 1",
increase the rebound damping and REALLY reduce the body roll. What seems to
work without a HUGH penalty in ride quality? I had Eibachs on the Miata but
they seem to sag after a year or so of track work. I'd like to get a
progressive rate spring if possible.

The next step, September, is replacing the turbo with one that spools up
faster and a set of headers to match. Any suggestions?. BTW, can the stock
fuel pump supply enough fuel, or do I need an aux pump and  rising rate fuel
pressure regulator, along with larger injectors, to avoid running lean?

Thanks for the help

Gibb P

92 Miata, intercooled, supercharged...........:)
90 200Q Estate