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need brake info

I need to change the front pads on my 1990 90q20v.
I don't know whether or not i have the 9.4 or
10 inch front discs.  From the following info,
can anyone identify the size of my front rotors:

From the Audi/VW pads:

in the middle of the pad:
the VW and Audi logos

on the right side of the pad:
443...rest obscured

on the left side of the pad:
2321676 IE (the first two numbers could be
incorrect as they are somewhat obscured.)

Any help in identifying the rotor size,
or the brake pad greatly appreciated as I
hope to order the pads monday morning.

jstevens@kawian.com                  Orange County, California
johnstevens@ucsd.edu             Multimedia Development Center
La Jolla, California     University of California at San Diego