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brake sensors

Thanks to everyone who gave me info on my rotor size.
I removed the wheel and found out I have the smaller
rotors on my 90q20v.  One other question, are the front
pads on a 1990 90q20v with the girling calipers, and
smaller rotors supposed to have sensors.  There is
a short wire with about an inch and a half plug.  The
plug looks like a the plug at the end of the spark plug
wires, that covers the spark plugs, just a bit smaller
though.  The wire conects to the pad a the clip on the
top/center of the pad.

Thanks again,
jstevens@kaiwan.com                  Orange County, California
johnstevens@ucsd.edu             Multimedia Development Center
La Jolla, California     University of California at San Diego