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Axles-Driveshafts-Steering Racks


Just found Valhalla!

In rebbuilding my TQC drive shaft I found a rebuilder in Denver who thinks 
Service is the next best word after Cleanliness. 

I called asking for help in a possible rebuild of the CV for the drive shaft and 
they suggested I take it in since many of the parts are common items. 

Would you believe that they said "stick around we'll rebuild it while your here. 
Save you a trip back." Twenty minutes later I get a rebuilt CV with new carrier 
rack, polished races, and new bearing balls! The cost was very reasonable. WOuld 
you believe $26.83.

While waiting, I had the opportunity to watch them in action. The place is 
spotless. Return racks have galvanized pans to catch errant leaks. They actually 
routinely disassemble their stock shelves to eliminate dust.

So.... I asked Angela, their brain trust, if they could hancle ship-ins. It 
turns out they have a thriving market in semi-custom rebuilds. She's willing to 
deal with this group if we are polite.

Many of their UPS rebuilds are on a three hour turn around time. I believe that 
she can give you a good estimate on the expect time to ship back right over the 

Because of the potential volume from the Q-List she is willing to quote us 
jobber prices. This is only on ship-ins for rebuilds. An example would be the 
4000Q rear axles. Her retail is $198/ea. Our Q-List price would be $119 plus 

They also rebuild Steering racks! Same discounts will apply.

I admit that this was the first time I used this group but I can tell you that I 
was very much impressed.

Give Angela Sandoval a call at 800-292-2953. Watching her juggle two lines and a 
bustling counter business was great. If the rest of the shop works as eficiently 
as she does we won't be disappointed.

Remember that you will have to indicate that your a Q-lister to get a jobber 

Usual disclaimers as to advertising etc. etc. Just expanding our resources.


Paul A. Caouette
Partners for Community Development
Denver, Colorado
 83 TQC with 207k & Still Going
 85 4000Q 
And Many past Audis Gone but not Forgotten