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Re: Audi 200T hard starting

John:  I have two turbos and I don't have trouble starting either.  Check 
the rubber hoses on top of the valve cover for any cracks or mushiness.  
Any leaks here would cause a vacuum leak and starting problems.  Also 
check the gaskets on the oil filler cap and dipstick.  Again, leaks would 
cause problems.  Try switching from the platinum plugs (which I don't 
think work very well in Audi turbos) to the Bosch tri-electrode.

I'm no Audi expert ( I'm sure there are others on the list who will offer 
a more precise explanation), but your boost gauge is reading right where 
it should read.  

The only real trouble spot on your car in the auto tranny. They don't 
hold up real well to the lead footed among us.   Huw will love me for 
saying this--I would put Militec-1 in as preventative measure.  Lots of 
folks on the list like Redline synthetic products as well (you can use 
them both together)  There's info on both somewhere in either the 7/3 or 
7/4 postings.

Nothing like a few pounds of boost to put a big smile on your face.