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Audi 200T hard starting

In message <s3c0ba12.029@mailbox.hscsyr.edu> John Zacharek writes:

> It takes a good 5-8 turns of the motor, at least, before it fires. 
> The dealer assured me this is common on the turbos.

At least, it's a common problem on all turbos serviced by _THAT_ dealership!
No, it's not common and it shouldn't be like that.  It could be any one of a 
number of things, though.  I'd start with static fuel pressure retention when 
the engine is switched off - the check valve in the fuel pump or the system 
pressure regulator might be bad.  The fuel injection system should retain 
pressure when the engine is switched off, so as to make starting easier.  If it 
doesn't, you may have to wait for pressure to build up again, though even this 
is _usually_ quicker than 5 turns.  It could also be a bad warm-up regulator 
delivering too much control pressure too early.

I'd like to see a stop/start cycle with a fuel pressure gauge attached.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club