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Interchanging Drive Shafts

In message <199707071514.JAA01804@teal.csn.net> pacdev@csn.net writes:

> Last night, in spite of the Bentley manual's entreaty to the contrary, I began 
> the disassembly of the drive shaft.
> Big mistake! Looks like the unit was assembled by King Kong. Smashed my little 
> finger in the U joint when I attempted to wiggle out the caps. Still hurts. 
> Purple nail to prove it. 

Hmm.  The reason Bentley says it can't be done is that the original German 
manual says exactly that.
In approximate translation:
      "No repairs can be carried out to the prop shaft apart from fitting,
       removal and adjustment.
       The universal joint and bearings cannot be removed with workshop
       equipment.  The front and rear parts cannot be replaced because 
       this requires the whole unit to be re-balanced and this is also
       not possible with workshop equipment.
       For this reason we describe only removal, re-fitting and adjustment.

       Whenever complaints of noise or vibration are encountered, it is 
       essential to check if these can be solved by precise adjustment 
       before replacing the prop shaft." 
It then goes on to describe using tool #3139 to set up the prop shaft properly 
and decide what shims to fit under the centre bearing mounting bolt.
It also says (and thanks for sending me to this bit of the fiche) that the 
universal joint should be greased with multi-purpose lithium-based grease as 
part of the regular service every 15,000 km.

I'm going out to the garage now ... 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club