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Re: Audi 200T hard starting

All this talk about 200Ts which don't want to wake up- I have a weird
question. My 5kcst acted *impossible* to start- turned out it was the top
hose, holes throughout. But now that that's fixed, it still does around
five turnovers before lighting off. The weird bit is:
The longer it sits, the better it starts. I never go two days without
driving it, so when I went to Oregon (Portland is full of Audis,
BTW...)for three weeks, I thought the battery might be dead, or some other
Audi God Wrath Example visited upon me. But no, it fired on one turn. And
it always starts better when it's been left for a while. The fuel pressure
argument doesn't, therefore, seem to apply here. Opinions?
Regards, Rob

1987 5000 CS Turbo