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A4 Purchase

A month or so ago I posted an inquiry concerning an A4 purchase. I am very
close to moving forward, however, I have a few questions which you all
might be able to assist me on.

1- Is this a good time to purchase an A4, or should I wait until the fall
(97). ie; are there any new updates worth waiting for ?

2- I asked for US pricing/avalibility last month, any change in the market
pricing/avalibility  ?

Thank you in advance for your past and present assistance.

Best.....   rsd

 Wish List:
 A4 2.8 5 speed
 Black or silver with anthracite leather
 Sport Package
 Moon roof
 All Weather (not essential)

Best.....   rsd

Robert S. Davis
Wetmore & Company
Austin, Texas
v. 512 327 6228
f. 512 327 6229