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Re: A4 Purchase

From: robert s davis <rsdavis@flash.net>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Date: Monday, July 07, 1997 2:01 PM
Subject: A4 Purchase

>A month or so ago I posted an inquiry concerning an A4 purchase. I am
>close to moving forward, however, I have a few questions which you all
>might be able to assist me on.
>1- Is this a good time to purchase an A4, or should I wait until the fall
>(97). ie; are there any new updates worth waiting for ?
>2- I asked for US pricing/avalibility last month, any change in the
>pricing/avalibility  ?
>Thank you in advance for your past and present assistance.
>Best.....   rsd
> Wish List:
> A4 2.8 5 speed
> Black or silver with anthracite leather
> Quatrro
> Sport Package
> Moon roof
> Bose
> All Weather (not essential)

1) I'm not sure if any time is as good time to buy an A4.  They are in
demand, and the dealers will try to take advantage of you if you're not
careful.  The '98 30V 2.8 is in the states right now...and if you don't
care for the increased power or valve-age, you should be able to strike a
great deal on a '97 12V.  I recommend reading  www.edmunds.com or
www.audi.com for info on the changes from '97 to '98.

2) See above comments, hehe.  Either go through a buying service or get two
dealers to bargain down to an acceptable price.  As a reference point, I
got mine (equipped as in your wish list, minus the sport package, plus the
sport wheel and trip computer) for $31,400.  Hope this helps...

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net
- '98 A4Q 2.8