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Re: V8 Questions...

christopher_bender@fmc.com (CHRISTOPHER BENDER) wrote:

> What year was the V8 first available with a 4.2L engine, and are there 
> any 4.2L 5 speeds (or 6 speeds)?

When brake/suspension shopping last summer, I talked to one of the
service mgrs. at Stoddard (in OH).  They were doing a conversion on a
'94  (I think, might have been a '93) V8 4.2 l w/ 6-speed.  This car was
supposed to be Euro-spec, brought in from Mexico.

For the US market, '92 was the first year for 4.2 l, and 5-speeds were
only brought in in '91.

Dave Weiss
V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ