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Re: 200q/v8 stiffness

Linus Toy <linust@mindspring.com> wrote:

>>the following are documented in v8 tech reference as additional steps
>>taken to stiffen up the v8: 
>is this for all V8s from the beginning of production or were these
>introduced in later model year cars?  
>>- strut tower brace
>don't confuse a cross-strut brace (like on some S4s) with additional 
> bracing of the individual strut towers.

Eliot-- referring to the "Service Training", printed 5/89 for the V8
introduction?  It describes lots of extra welds, and shows the mounts
for the strut tower brace, but not the brace itself.

My '91 has the brace, like the S4 from late '92.  It must be removed to
get at the air filter.

>>- dash brace (this is a huge slab of aluminum that sits beneath the
>>dash running across the A pillars.  you'll have to see the diagrams
>>to believe it!
>this one i don't know about.

You ought to see it up close and personal.  Solid.  Everything in the
world attaches to it.

>>- may be more that i've forgotten about...

"...additional reinforcements and shielded arc welding seams in many
"Larger volume sill panels and steering crossmembers"
"Larger cross section door pillars"
"Highly durable extruded sections around the doors"
"additional brace is used to attach the steering column tube to [the big
thing between the A pillars]"
"The lower trim panel is attached to the crossmenber with additional
mounting brackets." (acts as a knee bar)

No wonder this car weighs in so heavy!

Dave Weiss
V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ