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Re: 200q/v8 stiffness

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Linus Toy wrote:

> At 12:46 AM 7/8/97 -0700, Eliot Lim wrote:
> >
> >the following are documented in v8 tech reference as additional steps
> >taken to stiffen up the v8: 

> is this for all V8s from the beginning of production or were these
> introduced in later model year cars?  

right from the beginning.

newer series cars like the S4 were properly stiffened during the design
of the body so they have a better stiffness to weight ratio.

the v8 and the 200 was based on a body that was originally intended to be
ultra efficient and light weight was one of its main receipes.  to go from
something like 2600 pounds for the european fwd original to 4000 pounds
for the final iteration is quite a scary thought.