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re: more on v8 vs. 200

the UFO brakes would have put a limit on how stiff the springs could
be because it already rode pretty bad with so much unsprung weight.

as for the extra goodies not being worth it, you'll be interested in
knowing that when i bought my v8 new, there was a $8000 rebate for
it and together with another $2K that i was able to wring out of
the dealer, the v8 ended up costing *less* than the 200Q20V that
i was originally looking at.  i got more car for less money.  who
can turn that down?  (there was no rebate on the 200Q)

the car is now fully paid for and is trouble free.  pure audi heaven.



dave weiss wrote:

Besides low-end, the V8 is a little undersprung out of the box (IMVHO). 
The headlight washers, high-intensity windshield washer, sunshade, and
custom trim colors wouldn't justify the extra $ when new, but the
smoothness, body stiffness, and extra insulation...  And the sound of
the V8 is intoxicating.

BTW-- how many listers bought their V8's new?!?