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Re: 200q/v8 stiffness

At 12:46 AM 7/8/97 -0700, Eliot Lim wrote:
>the following are documented in v8 tech reference as additional steps
>taken to stiffen up the v8: 
is this for all V8s from the beginning of production or were these
introduced in later model year cars?  

>- strut tower brace
don't confuse a cross-strut brace (like on some S4s) with additional bracing
of the individual strut towers.  on the '91 200q, there are a number of
additional steel stampings welded to each front strut tower to stiffen the
tower itself.  there is no brace between the two strut towers.

>- dash brace (this is a huge slab of aluminum that sits beneath the
>dash running across the A pillars.  you'll have to see the diagrams
>to believe it!
this one i don't know about.

>- underbody brace (runs below the car right at the B pillars)
there is an underbody brace on the '91 200q, though not as large as on the V8.

>- many, many additional spot welds. (obviously not retrofittable)
>i'll try and look it up and see just how many exactly.
retrofittable, though not easy ;)

>- may be more that i've forgotten about...
>i thought that the 200Q20V had many of these measures but i took
>a very close look at linus' car when it was parked side by side
>and it appears that they are not part of the 200Q20V.
my car is an early example.  anyone know if the later cars are any different?
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