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Pike's Peak Adventures

In message <> Robert Myers writes:

> Thank you, Brendan and all the spectators/helpers.  It's great to have
> friends in low places (like under the car)!

My new system and control pressure regulator (Bosch 0 438 161 018) arrived this 
morning after a ten-week wait.  I'm sure mine is not performing correctly, 
so I want to swap it out.  After an amusing brush with the distributor's new 
computer system (any parts not collected 8 weeks after _ORDER_ are sent back 
automatically) I got it home.
And got a phone call from John Robinson (treasurer of the UK quattro Owners 
Club) to say he'll be around as planned tonight to check his warm-up regulator 
with my gauges - and by-the-way - he thinks his system and control pressure 
regaulator (Bosch 0 438 161 018) is toast and the b*st*rds have told him that 
delivery is ten weeks. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club