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Reply to information on my search for urQ-Coupe

In message <19970707.235607.9439.5.FACEMATE@juno.com> facemate@juno.com (Adam D. Spiker) writes:

> Ha Ha.  Thanks guys.  Yes the price tag did startle me!  I guess I am
> looking for the ur-Q afterall.

He he.

Ur-quattros vary _incredibly_ depending on condition.  In North America, with 
the exception of a handful of grey imports, you're basically talking about a 
single model.  In Europe we have much older cars (e.g., with cable-operated 
differential locks), much newer cars (TORSEN differentials, 20V engines, 
etc.), and a greater variety of engines.
So in the USA and Canada it's really just condition.  Over here, as well, 
modifications (such as Treser performance kits) tend to _detract_ from the 
value - the closer to pristine stock you get, the higher the price.  Mileage is 
less important than with other cars, because the basic engineering in the ur-
quattro is so strong. There are, however, _MANY_ _MANY_ more consumable parts 
to worry about in the suspension and running gear - four bushes for each of the 
front and rear subframes, two for each of four wishbones, the rear differential 
mounting bushes, the front engine and gearbox mounts, etc., all of which have 
quite an effect on handling.
In the first four years, my MB cost me around GBP10,000 ($16,000) in parts and 
labour. Some of that (e.g., a new clutch) will last another 150k miles.  Since 
switching to 95% self-maintenance, my parts and labour costs have dropped to 
around GBP1500 a year.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club