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Re: Reply to information on my search for urQ-Coupe

     There are a few differences between the ur-qs imported to the US and 
     Canada between '81 and'86. The '85 and '86 model years are generally 
     considered better buys (note '86's are quite rare :^). As Phil will 
     confirm the cars were hand built and I doubt any two were identical 
     off the production line. Here are some of the changes in the North 
     American models I know of:-
     1) Interior updated circa '84. Gained oil temp and volt gauge in diff  
        lock switch panel. Rotary diff lock instead of pull out.
     2) Rear Roll bar dropped post '83
     3) Thicker front roll bar with different end links, same time as 2)
     4) Change to pressed steel control arms, from welded, circa '83
     5) 15x6.5" Ronals upgraded to 15x8" Ronals circa '85. The rear wheel  
        arches were rolled to accomodate wheels. Tyres changed from 205/60s 
        to 215/50s.
     6) Some late model '85s and '86s may have plastic trunk (boot) lid.
     7) Move from dual to single hand brake lines.
     8) Very early cars, e.g. Euro '81 imports may have cable operated 
     9) '85s and on write "quattro" in the rear window heater elements.
     10) Canadian models have 240kmph speedo, early US ones have 85mph 
         speedo, not sure if this was changed?
     11) Front brakes and carriers were changed somewhere between '83 and 
     12) Rear Tie Rods changed circa '83.
     13) Rear Subframe changed to support new mounting position for tie 
     14) An inportant one! The main fuse box was moved from under the 
         drivers side of the dash board to under the hood (bonnet). This 
         marginally improved the "iffy" quality of the ur-q electrics.
     15) MAC02 ECU was revised, sometime in '83, there are also some early 
         ur-qs (circa '82) which may have been test mules that came with 
         the Euro spec MAC01 ECU.
     16) Some colour and trim changes, e.g. wheel colours, body coloured 
         rear spoiler.
     17) I think the design of the steering wheel may also have changed? 
         The early cars had brown leather and plastic wheels with the word
         turbo inscribed in the center. My '85 has an Ital Volante wheel so 
         I can't confirm the change.
     Advice on buying:-
     Buy the "best" car you can for the money you have available, if in 
     doubt, borrow more money. Avoid a project car unless you have lots of 
     time, lots of $$$$$ and a very understanding family. try and find a 
     car that is well maintained and driven regularly don't be put off by 
     high mileage. Carefully inspect the car, particularly underneath and 
     in the engine bay. Dave Lawson wrote an excellent three part 
     restoration of his ur-q, you can find it at:-
     Maintenance is extremely expensive, I honestly think it's more 
     expensive running an ur-q than a Porsche. If your not prepared to work 
     on the car yourself and shop around for parts then you better have 
     lots of $$$$.
     Regards, Mike