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Re[2]: more on v8 vs. 200

     Mystery explained.  The absence of separate controls always led me to 
     believe they weren't back there.  My son would cook with my wife 
     controlling his tushie heat!  We keep ours at 2 (in the winter only, 
     of course), while she sets hers at 4.  The V8 is better in the tushie 
     warmer department.

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Subject: Re: more on v8 vs. 200
Author:  Linus Toy <linust@mindspring.com> at internet
Date:    7/8/97 15:18

At 05:35 PM 7/7/97 EST, jackr@internet.kronos.com wrote:
>     Yup.  My wife loves the V8.  My son too.  A 200 only has tushiewarmers 
>     (heated seats) in the front, whereas the V8 has them in the back as 
my '91 200q (don't know about other years) does have heated seats in the 
back, just doesn't have a separate control for them as on the V8 (but if you 
disassemble the rear center console, you'll find the mounting points for the 
switches, but no wiring)  the control for the front seat heat also controls 
the rear heat, but the rear heaters don't work unless there's a real tush 
back there.