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FS My 89 200QW

To All Interested Parties:

I put a deposit on a Boxster about 1 year ago and its going to be delivered
next week.  Consequently, my Audi will be needing a new home.  Over the same
year an Audi fanatic has been contacting me periodically to see if I'll sell
him my 200QW.  I've left a message for him but apparently he must be out of
town for the 4th.  He gets  first choice.  If he doesn't want it its then for
sale to the list.  If no one wants it I'll trade it in.  Here are the

1989 200 Quattro Wagon, Lago Blue, Grey Leather
Sport Seats, heated
No Roof Rack  !!
Fog Lights
April 1989 production meaning dual knock sensor engine - driver's side air
bag - huge single piston brakes (no front end shimmy ever)

Miles: 100,000
no computer mods ever
no track time ever
no accidents that I know of - I've owned it for 5 years (since 48,000 mi) and
the prior owner is a PCA member I know and said no accidents when he had it
(since 28,000 mi)
Items I or the dealer have replaced: Alternator, PS Pump, Fuel Pump, Lifters,

Blower Mtr.
Oil & filter changes every 5,000 mi.  - Mobil 1

Price: $7500
Location: Glen Ellyn, IL  (near Chicago)

If interested let me know.  It will need to be gone by Friday the 11th.