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Re: Insurance hassles

In a message dated 97-07-08 09:40:33 EDT, you write:

 Drove my 5000csq to work during which time my other car was hail damaged.
 Farmers sent me to their COD shops for "estimate" 

Since I no longer own an Audi I'm not biased.  But this reminds me of a story
- way back when (in 1972) I was looking for car insurance on my '68 Chrysler
300.  I couldn't find anything under $500/yr. (I only paid $1200 for the
car).  Farmer's said, "Got a girl friend, marry her will give you a great
rate (~$200/yr.). She smiled, I said something that's close to "firetruck"
and went to State Farm & paid the $500.  Morale- she's in Minnesota and I'm
in Illinois with a Boxster that is not insured by Farmer's - Get a real
company!! ( I now use Atlantic Mutual).