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Re: 97 Audi 1.8t problems

In a message dated 7/24/97 FGrasso847@aol.com writes:

<<Based on my personal experiences with a 1993 90Cs, stay away from  BBB
arbitration. Protect your rights by immediately utilizing your states lemon
law.>><snip>Audi makes a nice car, but Audi of America needs to better police
dealers practices. The dealer was ineffective, the district rep was
misleading at best, and Audi of America just wants you to go away. Pay the
extra for a BMW, in the long run you'll be happier.>>

First off, the BBB arbitration process is unavoidable to pursue lemon law in
some states (such as CA where I live). I went down that road back in 1985
with T*y*ta (over the known problem-child 5spd. tranny in their pick-em-up's)
and was screwed so badly that I swore never to own *any* asian car ever
again, new or used. I do know a person who has succeded in the lemon law
process (with a domestic mfg.), but it is long and tedious, and oh yeah...a
bit of picketing at a major auto show helps ;-) They wear you down to the
point of giving up (as I did with T*y*ta after "winning" only to have them
appeal on the 30'th day of 30 days allowed for them to appeal in...I gave up
and sold the thing at a loss and walked away.) 

OTOH, when I bought my '87 5ktqwagon in early 1990 with 20k miles with a
leaky power steering pump, AOA had no problem replacing it even though the 3
year warranty had expired. I also owned an '88 80q with the "Audi Advantage"
warranty and milked it for every nitpicking detail (hey, it was my right to
do so) without even so much as a peep from the dealers I dealt with. Yes,
like all brands, Audi has some bad dealers and good dealers...and some are
even great. Not to start this thread again (please!) buuuuut wmb???? Hmm, why
is then that my close friend is trying to off his '95 M3 to buy an A4 1.8tq?
(For one thing it is falling apart with less than 30k miles.) And, can you
say 318is? read recent Roundel's on that subject if you really believe they
know good customer service. Of course ymmv :-) No negativity intended towards
them (wmb's) cuz a 1970 1600 was my first car and I have owned a number
since...but they ain't perfect either. I am curious to hear how the A4 1.8t
problems sort out though (cuz I may want a used one in say...5 or 6 years
from now <g>)

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (with owner who doesn't buy any cars new anymore...)