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Fuel pump replacement


I am getting ready to replace my fuel pump. I had my car in for
servicing a couple of weeks back and they said that I needed a 
new fuel pump. The dealers that it would cost me $460 - $330 for
parts, rest labor. I shopped around a bit and found quotes from
$280-$220. All of them were Bosch. Is there anything I should be
wary of before going for the cheapest ? 

I poked under the car yesterday. Did not seem to be a very
complicated job but then looks could be deceiving. My Bentley
manuals are on the way which (I hope) will guide me but nothing is
better than experience. Are there any "Things the manual does not tell
you" that I should know, things that could go wrong, things that need
special care ? Any useful tips/hints would be appreciated.

Its an 88 Q90.

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