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Fuel pump replacement

In message <33C3AED3.64880EEB@BayNetworks.com> Mehul Dholakia writes:

> I poked under the car yesterday. Did not seem to be a very
> complicated job but then looks could be deceiving. My Bentley
> manuals are on the way which (I hope) will guide me but nothing is
> better than experience. Are there any "Things the manual does not tell
> you" that I should know, things that could go wrong, things that need
> special care ? Any useful tips/hints would be appreciated.

Yes.  The old one will be grievously siezed and applying toque to the fitting 
to counteract the "undoing" torque can be a real problem.  Sometimes it's 
necessary to just mash the electrical contacts off to get a good purchase on 
the spindle.  The book says to replace the copper washers, but you can usually 
get away with re-using them once.
With an 88, the "new" pump should have the same inlet diameter as the one you 
take off.  It's worth checking, though, before you mash the electrics ...

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club