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RE: tire tools set and euro headlights& 1 more Q

George wrote:

	>I have no clue, what are the "euro-spec" headlights. Sure,
	>to my dad about the headlights of Lumina, too - but what kind
of animal
	>is the
	>"euro-spec" headlight? I don't believe, it is a big trouble to
	>ones for the A6QW - Lumina is an other case...
	>Sorry to be so uninformed. (BTW my friend from Ingolstadt told
me, in
	>the TÜV doesn't care about the color of the turning lights -
but he may
	>be wrong.)

George, the headlights of US-spec cars give symmetric light pattern. The
euro headlights are asymetric, it means they illuminate right side of
the road for far more distance then the left side, so you can see the
road ahead of you and you can notice, let's say, pedestrians walking at
the right side of the road, yet you do not blind oncoming vehicles. The
more important feature of euro lights is that they direct all the light
down to the road. If you would park an euro car in front of a wall and
turn on your low-beams, the wall would be well illuminated for about 1
meter from the ground, but there would be no light going higher, so
again, you don't blind oncoming vehicles. I always wondered why European
car manufacturers care to make US-spec headlights for cars sold in US. I
also heard that most modern cars sold in US now ( the ones with FF or
projector style lamps ) already have euro-spec headlights, so maybe it
applies to A6. Even if not, it won't be difficult to buy euro headlights
for A6 and retrofit them. On my 5K I have headlights taken from a
wrecked euro-spec 200. You are right, Lumina is another story, because
it is an American car and euro headlights are not available. One must
use the imagination... I saw Ford Taurus with headlights and _grille_
taken out of old Opel Kadett here in Poland :-) I really doubt if German
authorities would allow red turning lights. If you are accustomed to
orange ones and suddenly you see a car flashing red it is very annoying
( why is that guy pumping his brakes? and he has one brake light out!