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RE: tire tools set and euro headlights& 1 more Q

At 10:52 AM 7/10/97 +0200, Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:
>wrecked euro-spec 200. You are right, Lumina is another story, because
>it is an American car and euro headlights are not available. One must

Actually, GM makes a reasonably priced H4 headlight assembly for most of
their cars with "aero" headlights.  This is for the export of these cars
overseas.  You can actually go down to any GM dealer and order them up, even
here in the USA.  You've got to have the p/n in advance, though, since it
isn't likely to be in the parts book.

I've lost the file I collected from Compuserve some years back, but there
was a gent in the Chicago area who described all the bolt-on mods he did to
an late model Impala SS, including the headlight mod (lot of other cool
things he did, too).  That file may still be in the Compuserve library, and
I also passed it along to a fellow q-lister here.  Sorry I can't be of more
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