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1983 UrQ parts fiche question -Reply

In message <199707101256.IAA00141@ns.tamsconsultants.com> afinney@tamsconsultants.com writes:

> Not sure I know what the forced air feed is unless you are
> refering to the injector cooling fan and shroud, which I have.
> The long style inserts have two holes near the top, on the
> side, presumably to allow air to cool the injector. The short
> stubby inserts I have don't have these holes. 

Hmm.  I thought the 13mm ones were always long?

I'm not sure exactly when the change was made.  It may have been for the MB 
engine, but I think I've seen it on a WR ...

Anyway, the inlet manifold has a channel cast into it that bypasses the 
throttle butterfly and supplies various users of boost at the back of the 
manifold.  With forced air injector cooling, there's a short air pipe from the 
channel cast in the manifold over to where the injectors are.  High pressure 
air (not much of it, though) passes down this pipe and through a longtitudinal 
hole drilled along the manifold and passing through the injector ports.  The 
holes in the injector seats permit this air to swirl around and cool the 
injector body.  

> Phil, do you always travel with your fiche, or are you taking it
> sightseeing?

It works hard.  I took it to Cambridge for the day.

I spent three hours last night dismantling and reassembling the fuel injection 
system to change the combined system and control pressure regulator valve.  I 
also discovered that the gearbox oil level was lower than I'd like, and there's 
a design fault in the after-market wiring harness.  In the circumstances, I 
though I'd just load the workshop into the car.  Just in case.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club