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Euro headlight aiming

In message <199707101159.AA04805@interlock.ans.net> Dan Simoes writes:

> Yeah, they are bright.  There is a procedure in the archives,
> let me see if I can dig it up, but try searching and you
> should find it.  The one there is for H1/H4, which is what
> I run, but it should work fine for yours.

Let me add a note at this point.
As some of you will remember, I have the "direct from alternator" harness 
installed in support of 170 watt main beam bulbs.
I've discovered a problem.  The harness is "economically" cut - the wires are 
_just_ long enough - but fairly tight.  Quite a bit of force is exerted on the 
rear of the main headlight bulb.  This force is _entirely_ held by the plastic 
rocking lever that controls reflector aiming - and it's inadequate to the task.
If you fit one of these after-market harnesses, make sure that the forces 
exerted on the back end of the bulb are minimal.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club