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R1s on the street

Someone asked about driving R1s on the street.  I drive my track car to-from
track/autox events in the NE since I don't have a trailer.  Will be 
driving 3 hours
this weekend to Summit Pt. WV on R1s.   As far as driving in rain, IF 
they still have
grooves left, they should be fine.  I've worked up gradually to 90mph 
in pouring rain
on NEW R1s (on the track not the street) and I've had guys blow by 
going 110 on
worn R1s.   This is with an older 911 which has not wagged its tail on 
me yet.   Last
year, I refused to drive in the rain.  This year, I plucked up my nerve 
and the R1s
were surprisingly good.  With worn R1s with no grooves left, I'd drive a lot
slower if I got caught in the rain or maybe pull over and wait it out.
Someone else mentioned 'track R1s' and 'autocross R1s'.  BFG only
makes 1 R1.  Maybe he was thinking Yokos A008RS and RSII.  The RS
is discontinued and was replaced by the A032R.


Steve Jagernauth   jagernauth_stephen@bns.att.com
'87 5ktqw - new Boge/H&R waiting to go in, 1.8bar
'87 5kt
'74 911/3.0 - lots of track goodies