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UK - Ur quattro for sale - yorkshire

For anyone in the UK who may be interested, this appeared in todays Yorkshire 
Auto Trader.

AUDI QUATTRO 2.2 TURBO 1988, full blown, colour black/white,
grey leather interior, FSH, c/l, immobiliser, cruise, ABS, sunroof,
radio cassette, 7995 ono
Tel 01274 601507/676058

Its in Bradford, and the advert id is a private seller.
I dont know the car and havent seen it around my side of the county.
Dunno what black/white means 'cos in the cr*ppy picture it looks black. 
Maybe its got white rings & stripes?

Also, for the second time in 9 months theres a private ad from Bradford 
advertising coupes and quattro turbos breaking, turbos for sale & wanted, 
damaged quattros etc. Different phone numbers to last time.
I'm always more than a bit suspicious about that sort of ad, think I might go 
take a look - anyone lost a quattro recently?

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro