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' 86 4000Q questions

Hi listers,

     Okay so I have more than one question...  Has anyone put larger, wider
wheels on their 4000 of around this year?  I'm thinking of going with 16x7.5"
TSW with dunlop d40 m2's, driving impressions anyone?  Also it is time to
change those lifters, cause I'm sure that the people of the Sacramento valley
are tired of listening to my car when the lifters are making themselves
heard, I've gotten a few estimates like this, OEM for 30.00 bucks each and
aftermarket at 15.00 or so.  Any good reason to stick with OEM other than the
obvious?  If anybody has done this can they relate their experience?  If you
reply send a copy to my address as well as the list's. TIA!!

Happy motoring,

Rob Hill
' 86 4KCSQ