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Re: New Purchase

Bradley Boyer wrote:
> I have just ordered my new 98' 2.8 A4 quattro. It is due to arrive at the
> end of august but I need to unload my 92 Audi 90, any sugestions on where I
> should try to post it?  I'm not having any luck in the area with the
> newspapers and don't want to lose $3,000.00 on a trade in.  Its in perfect
> shape located in West Michigan, what can I do?
> _________________
> Bradley Boyer
> bjboyer@iserv.net

I had the same problem with '95 Chevy Lumina LS. I had no luck in ona
and half
months with the newspapers and consignement. I am member in two Credit
and one of them organized a used car sale with some dealerships (not
open for
public). I went there to SELL my car instead to buy one and it sold
itself in
5 minutes!

Why: all, who went there where pre-approved, serious buyers in good
standing. They where shoping for used cars, since it was a used car
An excellently looking used car, $100 under the Edmund's average
national sale
price (plus speaker update) made it happen. The dealers simply cannot
with this.

Here you go, Brad

Greetings: George