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RE: Coolest VW in the WORLD, and I SAW IT!

People have been doing Porsche flat-six transplants into VW vans/busses
for the longest time.  My dad had a couple of vans that he had put 2.7L
911S motors into quite sometime back.  Shocks the hell out of people
going up long steep grades, when a VW bus goes blasting past =).


-mark nelson

<<Ok, I think it's the coolest in the world.  It was (*and still is!) a
Vanagon Westfalia..  Which would be cool in and of itself, but this one
some serious fog/driving lights, striping, motorsport stickers, 16 inch
wheels,  and tinted windows.  Which would have still been cool in and of
itself, considering that there are all of 50 or so Westy syncro
 But this one had a low, powerful sounding rumble.  'Course, me being a
nut, I had to check it out.  Under the rear hatch, performing an oil
is the owner.  Nice guy, as we're talking I glance at the engine and see
Porsche written on the intake .  Weird, I think.  He sees me looking.
"Oh yeah, we replaced the stock motor."  I
said....."With.....what.....?"  He
quickly responded very proudly " an 87 911 motor."  Wow.  talk about
installation.  Also has a 911 gearbox (so no awd right now, although
looking for a C4 chassis to do the awd.)  It is suffuciently quick,
especially for a van.  80 mph was hit effortlessly, something that is a
challange in a normal Vanagon.  As he's going along, he explains that
the car
is geared to do 150 mph.  So, if you see a white vanagon with huge
Hellas and
a Syncro sticker bearing down on you, quickly move over.  Faster vehicle
approaching.  And what a cool one at that!

Carter J