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Coolest VW in the WORLD, and I SAW IT! -Reply

>>> <Kwattro@aol.com> - 8/25/97 7:07 PM >>>
Ok, I think it's the coolest in the world.  It was (*and still is!) a
synchro (NOT anymore)
Vanagon Westfalia..   considering that there are all of 50 or so
Westy syncro Vanagons.
  Wow.  talk about custom installation.  Also has a 911 gearbox (so
no awd right now, although he's looking for a C4 chassis to do the

And I saw this really cool '84 urQ yesterday that sounded really
tight and efficient.  Turns out the guy put an air cooled beetle
engine in it.  No awd right now, but he's looking for a Hummer
chassis to rectify the situation.
86 VW Qtm Syncro
(original and proud)