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86 5KT 5sp. at auction-SF Bay area

Hi Everyone-

The auction company I work for has a sister company which auctions cars
donated to charities in the SF Bay Area.  There is an 86 5KT, 5 speed,
canadian spec. (I assume, as trip computer reads in km.)  The car is
very clean, charcoal grey ext, grey leater int.  Body is VERY clean. 
odo shows 10Kmi, and service book shows odo replaced at 22K.  I don't
really believe this, but the car looks like it was stored for a long
time.  Engine appears very dry, NO PENTOSIN LEAKS ANYWHERE!  Overall,
the car looks like it was not driven very much, as there are no
scratches anywhere!

The only catch is that according to the yard boys, it doesn't run.  I
have not had the time to investigate myself, as I've been out of town
for the past week and a half.

I hate to see this car go to a scrapyard-I'd buy it if I had an extra
garage!  Hopefully someone on the list will come out to buy it, or at
least look.  Most of these donated cars sell VERY cheap-you may be able
to buy this for a few hundred dollars!

Auction Date:	1-13-98
Time:		10:00 am
Place:		Charity Auction Services(Across from Nationwide Auction
		1010 Kaiser Rd.
		Napa, CA 94583

The car is lot #082

Please e-mail me privately if you have any questions-I'll do my best to
help.  You may also call me during the day at 707-255-5850.

Good Luck-

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA