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Fuel odor - Radio info - ABS diag


My recently acquired MC engined 87 5ktq has developed a fuel system problem in
the last couple of days. When I filled up on Monday morning, 12 miles into my
24 mile commute, I noticed for the first time pressure had built up in the
fuel tank. I also noticed that upon startup, shutdown and intermittantly
during driving, I could smell fuel vapors, not raw gas. The smell seemed
stongest around the passenger side A-pillar, not under the hood and only
slightly around the fuel filler rear wheel opening. This has continued
intermittantly for the last couple of days. I am in the Chicago area and we
are being forced to use oxygenated fuel. Any ideas? I am mechanically literate
and have the Bentley manual.

My second question involves the 10 speaker audio system. I am not, nor have I
ever been a fan of VW/Audi turn off the radio yourself design. I therefore am
considering putting in a spare Blaupunkt Savanna (4x25 or so power). When I
called Crutchfield they said I needed a power match unit amongst other items.
Does my system have a separate AMP or common grounding? What is Duo Sound? Can
I get a manual for the audio system?

Third question. My ABS light comes on as soon as I start moving. Toggling the
ABS switch will flash it off for an instant then ABS off again. Brakes work
fine, just no ABS. Where do I start? 


John Katos
85 5ktq
69 Alfa GTV
73 Alfa Spider
86 Alfa GTV6 son's
87 Alfa Milano
95 VW Golf3 son's
97 Dodge RAM wife's