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Re: Valentine 1 Install

Gary M Whipple wrote:

> Has anyone permanently installed a valentine 1 (or other detector) in an
> A4 ? I'd be interested in your power source and power line routing. I'd
> like to install mine so that I don't have to rely on the lighter socket
> and an external cable. Thanks.
> gary
> usawctchair@juno.com

Installed a cheap-o detector (Uniden I think) in my A4...  Know where the
fuse box is?  Well, I mounted it on the dash, up near the left front
A-pillar.  Basically out of sight, out of the way, and still within easy
view.  Also, since the fuse box is right there, the wire is basically
invisible.  I had to, of course, purchase the hardwire kit for my detector,
but it was only like 5 bucks or so.  Just wired it onto a fuse which comes
on with the key, and attached the ground to a bolt or screw in the vicinity
of the fuse box with a spade lug.  Very easy, and much better than the cig.
lighter method.

'97 A4ta