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Re: Valentine 1 Install

   Has anyone permanently installed a valentine 1 (or other detector) in an
   A4 ? I'd be interested in your power source and power line routing. I'd
   like to install mine so that I don't have to rely on the lighter socket
   and an external cable. Thanks.

As I hang my V1 off the [driver's side] sun visor, I tapped into the
handy dandy [otherwise useless...] sun visor mirror light circuit
(just solder onto the existing wires/connections -- it comes apart
and reassembles easily). It's unswitched -- which *I* prefer -- so
if you park for a week, be sure and turn the V1 off! As a side
effect, the power-supply module is just the right size to wedge/
leverage the sun visor down to a horizontal "angle", nicely aligning
the V1 fore-and-aft...