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Re: Team door handle

 -=> Quoting Wolff <=-

 Wo> Wrong! Try this scenario: You and a passenger approach an Audi. You
 Wo> turn the key in the drivers door handle, central locking starts working

     Another factor is that the uninitiated (sp) who don't
     have experience in how the door handle works, will
     ALWAYS yank on them expecting them to work like the
     handles on Jags (I think) and other cars where the
     entire handle pivots on a fulcrum and the mechanism
     and door handle are one and the same.  Expecting a
     fixed object to move does wonders for it.

     Lets not forget WINTER, when the door seals weld the
     doors shut (humidity in car from leaking heater core
     and or recirculation flap, even wet carpets) and
     even the most experienced,licensed and trained
     door handle operators manage to snap that precious
     pot metal.


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